Netfirms Hosting Review – Complete Features & Hosting Guide 2017

The web hosting company Netfirms is dedicated to providing services for small businesses. It provides a compact range of shared hosting options with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Currently it hosts 1.2 million websites. There is evidence that suggests that the company offered more advanced plans at one time. However, it is hard to find any information on them on the website.

The company was established by Thomas Savundra in 1998. He was the CEO until 2011 when Endurance International Group bought out the company. Therefore, it is now part of one of the world’s largest hosting corporations and most of its operations are based in the US.

One of the top affordable and low-cost hosting provider in 2017 is Netfirms.

Hosting Plans

As previously mentioned, it appears that Netfirms at once time offered VPS hosting, along with free hosting and maybe more. However,those services don’t seem like they are obviously available. Therefore, we will be concentrating on the company’s four main plans. All of them are Linux shared hosting plans.

Netfirms offers three plans: Business, Plus and Advantage. The Plus plan on the website is presented in the middle. However, it is actually the cheapest and least capable. So when you are doing side by side comparisons be aware of that.

Depending on which option you choose the features of each plan scale up. They all offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. One free domain name is offered with the least expensive Plus plan, while two are offered with the medium plan and five free domains are offered with the highest cost plan. Customers also receive their very own SSL certificate on the top level plan.

Aside from that, all of the plans are fairly similar. On the least expensive plan, the MySQL databases are quite restricted along with the FTP accounts. However, for the average small business website, there is probably plenty to go around. Strangely enough, on all of the plans, subdomains are chargeable. They also don’t appear to be very well priced.

Uptime and Downtime

According to the company’s website, Netfirms owns and runs its own data center. Their Tier 1 facility has 40,000 servers, and clustering is utilized for protecting against downtime. They do not provide any other details regarding their infrastructure or technical team.

Netfirms’ support center also makes the unhelpful comment saying that uptime is included with all of its plans. No figures are provided to suggest how much uptime you will receive. Their Terms of Service also doesn’t contain any information, so we will assume they do not offer an uptime guarantee.

Customer Support

Round-the-clock support is provided by Netfirms to all it customers. However, top tier plan customers are given priority.

There is a press released section. However, it hasn’t been updated in nearly two years. There is patchy visibility on the Facebook page. Positive comments have a tendency to receive replies, but not as much attention appears to be paid to critical comments. The Twitter feed is updated regularly in response to queries from customers.

It isn’t clear where the company’s support department is based. A US toll-free number is provided. However, that doesn’t mean that the team is based in the US.

Control Panel

On the company’s support portal, there are numerous references to Plesk. However, I didn’t find any evidence that they are still using Plesk. It appears that vDesk is being used. The company definitely doesn’t boast about its control panel, and there are no Plesk references on the current plans.

Since the support information seems to refer to a control panel that doesn’t exist any longer, it was hard finding any information on vDesk on the website. We can only assume vDesk isn’t the same thing as vDeck. However, the site does mix up the terms so it is hard to say.

Extras and Bonuses

The Plus plan, which is the most basic shared hosting plan offered by Netfirms, includes two free domain names. Advantage, which is the lowest priced plan, offers one. With the Business plan you can claim as many as five free domains.

All new customers receive a free listing, $25 for Yahoo/Bing advertising, $50 Facebook ads credit and $100 Google Adwords credit.

All new customers may use the one-click app installer and a drag-and-drop site builder called Ready-to-go-Websites. You can all set up common applications like photo galleries and WordPress with just one click.

Cancellation Policy and Money Back Guarantee

The Netfirms website promises a 30-day guarantee. However, at first glance it is hard to find their terms and conditions. I had to Google it to find the page on the website where it was explained.

If customers cancel within 20 days, they may claim a refund, no matter how long their plan length is. There isn’t any information on how you should submit your refund request or whether or not domain name and admin fees get deducted.


Based on the research I did on Netfirms, it appears the company has significantly slimmed down over the past two years. That might explain why the help center’s content is inaccurate or out-of-date.

The pricing pages that appear on the Netfirms website are also very misleading. The lest capable and cheapest plan is the Plus plan. However, it appears in the center of their comparison tables. I assumed that is was an upgrade over Advantage. However, it isn’t.

The conflicting help material and general overall lack of information did fill me with a lot of confidence. I think that within this sector that there are better website host. However, the company does have active social media pages, they have a professional website, and the company continues to attract customers.

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