IX Web Hosting Review – Complete Features & Hosting Guide 2017

IX Web Hosting is mainly a shared hosting provider. However, there is one critical difference: the services it offers are geared towards SEO. Customers are provided with their very own dedicated IP addresses, which means that all website are prepared to accept ecommerce transactions. Also, websites that have dedicated IPs may also have an advantage with the search engines.

The company is based in Columbus, OH and was founded by CEO Fathi Said. In 2007, Said claimed his company hosted over 250,000 websites, so it must be considerably more by now. As a part of the Ecommerce Inc. Group, Fathi Said is CEO for Host Excellent as well. As one of the lowest-cost hosting providers available, IX Web Hosting is a top choice in 2017.

Hosting Plans

First lets take a closer look at the company’s shared hosting. When comparing the plans offered by IX Web Hosting, you will want to think about whether you need to have a dedicated IP, either for ecommerce or SEO purposes. If so, you will most likely be interested in their plans.

The Unlimited Pro, Business Plus and Expert plans are the company’s higher priced plans. All of them include unlimited domains, bandwidth and disk space. Customers can also choose between Windows or Linux hosting. You also receive the all-important free IPs: the top-priced plan provides you with 15, you get three on their medium plan, and two on their low-cost plan. You also receive three, two or one free domain names. However, Plesk and cPanel are not included.

On its shared hosting page, the company presents it plans out of door. Their most expensive plan is promoted in the middle of the page.

IX Web Hosting also offers three VPS plans, and they are all Linux based. Their limits placed on resources are pretty standard. You also may choose between Plesk or cPanel: both of them are self-installs. All plans come with two dedicated IPs and unlimited domain hosting.

Four cloud hosting plans are also offered by IX Web Hosting, with your choice of either OS or Linux, Plesk or cPanel and two dedicated IPs.

Uptime and Downtime

IX Web Hosting operates its own tier 3 (N+1) data center in the state of Ohio. The building isn’t shared with anybody else, although it is formally operated through Ecommerce Inc. This facility is equipped with protection for server outages and has two backup generators. A 99.9% uptime guarantee is offered, which at this level is fairly standard.

Backups are also made of customer data by the company. However, it isn’t clear how frequently the backups are done. The network is automatically monitored by software and is automatically scans for malware while removing any malicious code it happens to discover.

Customer Support

The company claims that is provides the best support in the entire web hosting industry. A Personal Support Rep is assigned to each customer. This is a named person who helps with handling billing issues, technical problems and more. The support rep’s name is even displayed in the control panel. Also, any new tickets that get logged are also flagged to individual when they come in.

This approach to customer support is very ambitious. The company even provides social media access to their Personal Support Reps.

The Support page providers users with different email addresses for contacting the relevant departments with questions. Customer support can also be accessed via phone (in the US it is toll-free, and if outside of the US it is regular) and live chart. There is also a manual, FAQs and video tutorials. The company runs active social media pages, with staff providing support via Facebook and Twitters. They have a YouTube channel as well.

Control Panel

Cloud and VPS customers may choose Plesk or cPanel. However, shared hosting customers do not get either. What they are provided with instead is Psoft H-Sphere. This is much more basic and less attractive than cPanel. Although only the shared accounts are provided with H-Sphere, I found it somewhat more difficult to understand and navigated compared to industry standard tools. If you would like to try it, they have a live demo available on the website.

Extras and Bonuses

The free domain names and IPs are one of the major selling points for the IX Web Hosting plans. There aren’t a lot of other extras.

On the Shared Hosting plans, customers receive a Google AdWords credit ($25-$75), one to three free domains, one-click photo gallery install and one-click installers. There is a site builder tool that customers have access to as well.

The VPS and Cloud hosting plans do not have any obvious freebies that come with them.

Cancellation Policy and Money Back Guarantee

IX Web Hosting offers two money-back guarantees along with a free 7-day trial.

The 30-day money back guarantee offers a refund on setup and hosting fee. However, it doesn’t include the over-limit fees or domain name costs.

They also offer an ‘anytime’ guarantee. It allows you to ask for a refund on your current month’s fees, in addition to any future fees. However, not the fees that are due within the current billing cycle. The refund policy doesn’t include setup fees, or over-limit or domain name fees. Customers who pay using Alipay are excluded from the guarantee clause.

You must request your cancellations via their contact form that is located on the company’s Support page.


When comparing hosting plans at IX Web Hosting with those from other shared hosting companies, you do need to decide whether or not you need to have a dedicated IP. Is so, you may save a fair amount of money because you won’t have to pay for your IP addresses. Also the SEO advantages that the IPs provide will appeal to some individuals who have specialized needs.

Otherwise the plans seem pretty unremarkable, although for the price are capable enough. Also, if true, the commitment the support department has to personal service is extremely impressive. The company’s ‘anytime’ guarantee is an improvement over other hosts within the same price range.

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I've used a few different hosting companies with some of my blogs and projects, and I have to say this is one of the ones I recommend still in 2017.